Your Truest Self Spiral Necklace

A few quiet moments to unbury yourself from the chaos and stress of everyday life. 

Relaxed breath, a calm heart, and the gentle whisper of your own Intuition, speaking of today, tomorrow, and a brighter future. 

Allow the deep blue peace of Lapis Lazuli in to envelop your mind. Focus in with Amethyst on the answers you wish to receive. The Your Truest Self Spiral Necklace encourages Empaths, HSPs, Healers and Introverts to use this time for increasing gratitude and letting go of anything holding you back from your Truest Self. 

Diffuse your favorite spiritual oil blend and keep your Meditation Necklace near your heart. My favorite Affirmation for these moments is

I am Blessed. 
I See Clearly. 
I Hear Exactly.
I Communicate. 
My Heart is Open. 
My Energy is Focused. 
My I am Filled with Passion. 
I am Well-Balanced.
I am Moving Forward. 
I am Firmly Planted. 

 Abundance Intuition Healing Protection