New Moon Goddess

Wisdom Keeper Lapis Lazuli Necklace

This triangle charm contains crushed Lapis Lazuli pieces hand-picked for their energetic properties good for empaths, highly sensitive people, introverts, and healers. The Lapis Lazuli is embedded in a clear resin inside the bezel.

Each necklace is infused with Reiki life force energy to promote healing. 

Lapis Lazuli healing properties:

Clear Communication
Releases Stress
Self Knowing 
Deep Peace
Speaking your truth

Charm Size:
35mm x 22mm x 4mm

The charm comes on a 12" -24" adjustable blue leather cord necklace. 

The shorter cord was chosen for this stone so that it can rest comfortably on the throat chakra during wear. The Lapis designs are some of my favorite to wear as I find I am often working on the throat chakra & I love the deep blue and flecks of gold in the stone!

Processing Time

Each piece is handmade and will take 1 - 2 weeks to ship. 

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