La Que Sabe Botanicals

Song Voice Throat Chakra

This Chakra Spray is charged to help Sensitives; Empaths, HSPs and introverts be impeccable with their word. Use this spray to clear your throat chakra and let the world know what you have to say. The Throat Chakra affects the way you utilize your voice in the world; it's your verbal expression center.

Each Bottle Contains:

- A selective blend of essential oils designed to open the Throat Chakra
- Lapis Lazuli & Turquoise Stones

**This means that your spray is utilizing the healing energies of very intentional oils and crystals that will assist you as you journey to your deepest expressions.

This Song Voice chakra spray is a valuable tool to help you obtain optimal energetic health! It is a wonderful tool to use during mediation, yoga, and general upkeep of your energetic body.