Safe Travels Activated Bracelet

Going on a trip or starting a new life adventure? This beautiful bracelet is made with highly vibrational gemstones that are combined together to keep Empaths, HSPs, healers, and introverts safe wherever life takes them. Made with green aventurine, serpentine, golden sheen obsidian, clear quartz, rose quartz, and honey tigers eye gemstones. These stones are highly protective and when combined together, their healing properties are activated and doubled to aid you on your journey.

It is about 7" in length.

Each piece is unique and hand made with lots of love. Gemstones will differ in color, pattern, and size because they are all natural gemstones and each piece is made to order.

*For GaiaOakBee jewelry we only use highest quality, organic gemstones and high quality materials (14K gold or 14K gold fill, fine, or sterling silver, 100% copper, 100% silk, 100% cotton, or organic hemp cord). That means, your beautiful jewelry is going to last you a long time and be healthy for you and your body. GaiaOakBee never uses dyed, heated, stabilized, imitation, or man-made stones. All jewelry is made with 100% natural, organic, beautiful gemstones.

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