La Que Sabe Botanicals

Road Opener Spell Kit

Sensitives, Empaths, HSPs and Introverts, it's time to clear the path to opportunities. Do you need to remove obstacles from your path? Do you need a clear road to travel to obtain your goals?

This is the perfect tool to help you do so. Use this to clear the way to your desired outcome.

Clear your path and remove obstacles with this high vibrational blend of herbs and curios charged to assist you along your path. Each spell kit comes with a bottle of Road Opener oil, seven candles, and the prayer to use while you dress your candles. This oil is charged with the intention for you to call in helpers (Ganesh would be a perfect one to work with) as you work your magic.

To Use:

Dress your candle, focus, call in your guide(s) and call in what you desire. Burn one candle per day, for seven days.

This oil is a must in your Ritual work.