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Protection Powdered Incense


Made in the Moonlight of the Full/New moon

 Objets d’Art and Spirit’s Protection Powdered Incense formula is one of their oldest recipes going back 30 generations. This powdered incense can be used for magical purposes, meditation or devotional practices or as a scent.

The scent from Objets d’Art & Spirit’s Psychic Protection Powdered Incense focuses the Intuitive, Sensitive, Empath and Introvert and HSP in a higher sense of awareness, brings one out of the mundane world and transports one into the realm of spirit. This heightened awareness is what folkloric traditions speak of as one’s higher consciousness forming a protective shield and bringing allies seen and unseen to guide and protect the psychospiritual self.


Scent and smoke allows our consciousness to turn its control over to the subconscious and provides an opportunity for spiritual connection and communication no matter what energies we encounter,


Herbs, flowers, roots are hand-blended with Objets d’Art & Spirit’s oils into their proprietary powders to form aromatic power packed powdered incense.

Each powdered formula is made not only at the phase of the moon, time of day.


              Made in the USA

              Sorry No Refunds or Returns