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Perseverance Oil

1 Dram of Perseverance Oil.

Our handblended oil is made from one of 1624 oil formulas that have been passed down for twenty generations. Each bottle of oil is individually made in our workshop in the Crystal Capital of the World. All the roots, plants, spices or minerals, crystals and stones are individually hand placed in each bottle. 

Perseverance oil is enhanced by the herbs, roots, plants and spices used to align with the intention of the oil. Perseverance oils expands one’s determination to achieve a goal or follow through despite any difficulty in achieving success.  Sensitives, Empaths, Intuitive, HSPs and Introverts may add their own intention when applying the oil. Our oil recipes are traditional folkloric formulas from a panoply of cultures gathered over many generations to serve the Sensitive, Empath, HSP, Intuitive and Introvert in the 21st Century.

Suggestions for using oils:

As a scent

Dress Candles

Anointing for healings or rituals, spells

Anoint crystals, minerals 

Intentions and manifestations in contemplations, visualizations

Naturally made by the light of the New/Full Moons

Made in the Crystal Capital of the World in Arkansas

Sorry No Returns or Refunds