Mugwort Oil

1 Dram of Mugwort Oil

Many consider Mugwort Oil to be effective in dispelling negativity and for spells to encourage strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, and astral projection. ach bottle. 

A general intention is to be fully present then each Sensitive, Empath, Intuitive, HSP and Introvert can imbue their own intention into their use of Mugwort Oil. Our oil recipe is a traditional folkloric formula from a panoply of cultures gathered over many generations brought to serve those of us Sensitives, Empaths, HSPs,  Intuitives and Introverts

Uses for oils:

As a scent

Dress Candles

Anointing for healings or rituals, spells

Anoint crystals, mineral and ritual implements  

Intentions and manifestations in contemplations, visualizations

Made in the Crystal Capital of the World in Arkansas

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