La Que Sabe Botanicals

Heart Opener Face Steam/Herbal Bath Steam

Clear out toxins and feel your heart opening as you breathe in the aroma of eucalyptus, sweet sage, and lemon balm.

How it works:

Scoop 2 tablespoons of this herb mixture, drop it into a bowl of steaming hot water.

Lean over the mixture, with a with a towel covering your head.

Breathe in the soothing fragrance that will open and fill your chest with love, while you steam out impurities in your skin.

Take some time to breathe and add in this amazing ritual into your self care practice. Open your pores, open your heart, and become the most radiant you dearest sensitive, empath, HSP and introvert. 

1 oz (Equals 4 uses)

 Intuition Healing