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Complete Chakra Spray Set

Do you need to work on and balance your Chakras? Would you like to balance your system and get your energy moving?

This Chakra Balancing Spray Gift Set is the perfect addition to your Chakra work.

Chakras are spiritual power centers in the body to which energy flows through. There are seven major centers in the body (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown). It is important to keep these centers balanced and open. You can use these intentional sprays as tools to clear, balance, and activate your Chakra Spiritual Centers.

Each bottle is designed for each of the major seven Chakras. There is a combination of essential oils that holds special energies to help Sensitives, HSPs, Introverts and Empaths with each specific Chakra. Additionally, each bottle contains specific stones that align with the specific energy center that the spray was designed for. All of balancing tools have also had Reiki Energy applied to them to raise them, and you, to the highest vibrations.

In this set, you will receive:

- Root Down for the Root Chakra
- Sacred Sense for the Sacral Chakra
- Solar Shift for the Solar Plexus Chakra
- Expanding heart for the Heart Chakra
- Song Voice for the Throat Chakra
- Eye Opener for the 3rd Eye Chakra
- Divine Self for the Crown Chakra

Use these sprays daily, with focus on the specific chakra that you are working with. These sprays are the perfect addition to your yoga and meditation practice or are wonderful just on their own.

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