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Clear the Air Body and Soul Mist

Clear the Air Body and Soul Mist is perfect for all Empaths, HSPs, Healers and Introverts. Smudging, or burning of sacred herbs, has been used for centuries to banish negative energy attached to a person or space. This blend cleanses and purifies just as the ancient tradition does, without the smoke. Use to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

•Myrrh, Sage, Wintergreen, Sea Salt 
•Crystal Essence of Amber 
•Wood Essence of Palo Santo 
•Reiki Energy 

INTENTION: All negativity is expelled from your energy field. Peace and light fill your sacred space.

Mists are 100% organic essential oil blends that help balance the body's energy centers, or chakras. Activated with Reiki energy, each 4oz mist is infused with a unique blend of essential oils, and attuned to the vibrations of hand picked crystals that support the specific function of each chakra. Every bottle displays a beautiful affirmation that captures the energetic essence of the mist it contains. They are very light in fragrance, and make an excellent alternative to chemical-laden perfumes and sprays. 

  Protection Healing