Archangel Michael Powdered Incense

Archangel Michael Powdered Incense

8 fluid oz (by volume) of Premium Handmade Michael Powdered Incense
Made on Full/New Moons!

Many believe that Archangel Michael is who to call on to assist in working with healing, protection, and victory. Michael is also known as the patron saint for policeman and soldiers.

Powdered Incense is one of the oldest forms of incense used for spiritual purposes. Powdered incense evolved on every continent in ancient times. Our Powdered Incense formulas are some of our oldest recipes, some going back as far as 30 generations. Powdered incense can be used for all purposes; magic, meditation, devotional practices or as a scent.

Incense is believed to help focus a higher sense of awareness and to bring one out of the mundane world, transporting them into the realm of spirit. Each scent makes a connection with a particular intention historically attributed to that scent by Euro, Afro, Eastern and Latin cultures. Often the exact same power or purpose attributed to a powdered incense evolved on different continents in the ancient world.

The smoke from incense is believed to carry intentions, thoughts, prayers, offerings, and gratitude to the “on High.” Our individual voices may be too small to reach but the smoke of the powdered incense can!

Herbs, flowers, roots and in some cases, stone or crystal dust are hand blended with hand blended oils into proprietary powders to form aromatic power packed powdered incense. Each of the powdered incense formulas are made not only at the correct phase of the moon, time of day and season but in some cases on only one specific day of the year, in order to make the most powerful tool to aid your intentions and purpose as an empath, introvert and highly sensitive person. When we run out that’s it until next year.

Made on Full/New Moons

Made in the Crystal Capital of the World in Arkansas

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