Blythe Starlight

Amazonite Priestess Crystal Bangle

These sleek and modern Amazonite Crystal Bangles are the perfect accent when you want crystal healing in a simple, understated way. Each crystal bangle comes with 2 pieces of pink aura quartz supporting a piece of amazonite, elegantly wire wrapped. 

The Power Stone
Amazonite: The stone of self-determination and responsibility for self - building great character, integrity and trust. This stone soothes the heart, and alleviates problems caused by grief. Amazonite helps promote stabilizing inner harmony in Empaths, HSPs, introverts and healers. 

The Supporting Stones
Pink Aura Quartz: This particular crystal works at a vibrational level that attunes itself to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or spiritual work. The reason for this is because aura quartz starts off as clear quartz, the master healing, programming and manifesting stone. Add the fact that platinum is a very high vibrating metal and you have a quartz with a very high vibration.
Emotionally, this heart chakra pink beauty permeates our whole body with love and bestows us with unconditional love. It allows us to become aware of and to receive the love energies of the higher realms. Rose aura quartz uplifts our mood / spirits, dissolves anger and brings a serene and peaceful state.
On a psychological and spiritual level, the energy of aura quartz enhances our heart chakra and pineal gland, removing any self worth doubts that we may be harboring. Its connection to the pineal gland is also the reason this mineral increases our psychic abilities and intuition.
Spiritually, rose aura contains divine energies that facilitate contacts with the angelic realms and our spirit guides, attuning us to our spiritual purpose. The platinum in it actually enhances our connection with our angels and spirit guides and carries the energy patterns of human existence.
Pink aura quartz is also used for aura and chakra clearing. It aligns with and purifies all of our chakras, providing for the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration. Rose aura quartz works on healing our “auric holes.”

STYLE : 14k Gold Plated with a lacquer finish (Nickel free)

Bangle is one size fits most / not adjustable (fits most wrists but not recommended for children or petite sized wrists)

This listing is for ONE Amazonite Crystal Bangle


Please try to keep away from water, oils and chemicals (it's better to put these products on first and let them dry into the skin before putting your jewelry on). Chemicals will tarnish your beautiful pieces. Jewelry does not like water so please remove before swimming or bathing. Some crystals are softer than others if exposed to water for long periods they will break and/or lose color. The best way to clean your crystals is to wipe jewelry off with a polishing cloth often to keep pieces sparkling.