Kattie Stephany

Kattie Stephany is the founder of Divine Avenue. She’s a a creative and driven business woman with experience spearheading international and national marketing and public relations campaigns for emerging businesses in the market. She has worked as an integrated communications consultant and writer for over 6 years.

Kattie holds extensive knowledge in areas such as human behavior, motivation, best practices for customer relationship management and strategic forms of communication. Understanding human connection, authentic business messaging and behavior came natural to her through her empathetic and intuitive nature.

She now uses her gifts as an Empath and as a certified Reiki II healer to thrive in a business world, catering to the needs of her community of Sensitives; Empaths, HSPs and introverts; promoting the value of superpowers such as kindness, empathy and compassion, and supporting the divine beings who possess them.