Kathleen Phalen

Kathleen Phalen holds a Masters Degree in Social Work, and has spent the last ten years working in the helping & healing professions; She has worked as a counselor aiding her clients to heal from addictions, as a school-based social worker, and a medical social worker. She became disillusioned with the status quo and saw a great need to stop labeling people in a dilapidated system dictated by insurance companies and Big Pharma. She has been trained in various energy healing modalities, such as Reconnection, Reiki, theta healing and the Emotion Code. She currently is an entrepreneur, blogger, facilitator of seminars, retreats, and online courses teaching anything from “So I am an Empath, Now What?”  and “Energetic Boundaries for Empaths and HSP”, to “Basic Astrology, Moon Magic, Astro-Magic” or guiding groups for people in recovery. She is an astrology addict, an enthusiast of random acts of kindness, mother to a gifted and Highly Sensitive Child, a born healer, channeler, and an intuitive lover of all things mystical, poetic, compassionate and moving.