Ely Rodriguez

Ely Rodriguez is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Divine Avenue. She’s an inspired and motivated psychology student who is currently on the road to her master’s in mental health counseling with Carlos Albizu University in Miami, FL.

Ely has worked as a crisis counselor since 2016 and has extensive knowledge in the areas of mental health and substance abuse counseling. She’s gifted in the understanding of human behavior and emotions and has a natural empathetic intuition that has aided in her career as a crisis counselor.

Ely is an Empath and has been a tarot card and oracle card reader since 2016. She has the divine gift of synesthesia which has aided her in healing many people through trauma as well as fellow Empaths, HSPs, Healers, and Introverts. Ely has also served as a mentor for other Healers who are studying the art of tarot, oracle, and pendulum practices.