About Us

Divine Avenue was created to support the powerfully sensitive. We have superpowers and six senses that distinguish us in the world. 

Our powers are brilliant and we were given them for a reason.  It so happens though, that we often need help taking care of ourselves and channeling our powers in order to bring forth our best divine selves; the kind, empathetic, compassionate, badasses that we are, to better serve the world around us.

“Heal Yourself, Heal The World”

Whenever you need that extra pick me up to rise above the noise and clutter, look to these collections to aid and support you in your journey. 


Use these tools to refresh your energy. They will give you a boost when you feel overwhelmed or when you’ve been interacting too much with heavy energies. 


These tools will help you channel your divine team and inner guidance. Keep these around when you’re ready to channel in some truth. 


Ward off anything that doesn’t vibe with you.  Add these tools to your space to reflect back that which does not serve you. 


Strengthen your emotional vulnerability with these tools.  Connect to your body and this earth to stand firm in your power amidst chaos and the noise. 


Grab one of these to amp up your positive vibes.  These tools will help you manifest better, inviting joyful energy and confidence into yourself. 

Emotional Fatigue

When you’re on a downward spiral with no slowing down in sight, these tools will come handy. Use them to propel your energetic system back into balance.