Attract Love Necklace

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This Soul Mate Necklace was created, not just for attracting Romance, but for bringing the right partner into your life. As an Empath, Introvert and HSP, you deserve a true and deep connection, long-lasting romance, and supportive love. Wear this necklace as your promise to yourself to remain open to love, to trust the universe, and to stay firm in your hope for the special love you deserve. 

Affirmation: I will give and receive love freely and without fear. I open myself to the possibility of long lasting and supportive love. 

Soul Mate Necklace
• Natural, Undyed Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Amethyst Beads
• Beautiful Silver Wire Wrap
• Beaded Pendant approx. 1.5"
• 20" Silver Filled chain with lobster clasp

Rose Quartz:
• Encourages Self Love
• Attracts Love and Romance
• Opens Heart to Love

• Enhances Faithfulness in Love
• Increases Self-Confidence
• Supports Hope in all situations

• Increases Spiritual Connection
• Heightens Intuition
• Helps you make good decisions

Abundance  Intuition Healing  Protection