The Moon and The Spade

Empath Protection Kit


~Empath Survival Kit
~ 3 Best-Selling Empath Protection Sprays
~ Spray on Chakras & Pulse Points
~ Spray in Office, Treatment Room, Home, Car, Classroom
~ Base of a unique Healing Crystal Elixir made from Spring Water Infused with Protection, Clearing & Soothing Healing Crystals

The Empath Survival Kit consists of the following three sprays:

Energetic Boundaries- the best selling, original empath, healer, bodyworker, therapist, counselor or Highly Sensitive Sprays. Is made with water infused with black tourmaline, Sea Salt, colloidal silver, camphor which was used in exorcisms, Dragon's Blood Oil, Sandalwood, and Patchouli. 

Raise Your Vibration Spray- When you need a pick me up due to being surrounded by negativity or lower vibrations. After a day at the office with a coworker that complains, gossips or inadvertently spreads their unhappiness around, if you are Highly Sensitive or Empathic you will feel it. A few sprays on your wrists, your crown, in your home of office and you will get a quick "pick me up" Made with spring water infused with Herkimer Diamond infused water, and a blend of essential oils aimed at lifting mood, spirits, and vibration! Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Sage & Hyssop. This is the anti-depressant of sprays!

And finally, included in this money-saving kit is a calming, soothing, reviving spray called the Highly Sensitive Person. This is a great rescue spray for HSP. Helps sooth, quiet and calm an overactive nervous system.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person and/or an Empath, or if you love one, this makes an invaluable gift that will be well used and well received. Self-care cannot be emphasized enough for empaths.


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