Chill Ritual Box

Chill Ritual Box is exactly what every Empath, HSP, Healer and Introvert needs! Each box is curated with rituals intended to help you de-stress, relax and chill.

Whats inside:

- Stress Release Mini Roll On
- Dream Formula Mini Roll On
- Bath Salts 
- Palo Santo
- White Sage with lavender smudge
- Smudging Prayer
- Intention Card
- Handwritten Meditation Mantra
- Talisman charged in moonlight
- Green Juice Recipe to CALM AdrenalsSacred Wild Divine
- Breathing Exercise to help you relax
- Written Exercise to help you LET GO of things that no longer serve you.
-Local, organic wildcrafted tea
- A list of adatogenics that help with your adrenals
- Local Vermont Handcrafted Chocolate 
- Numerology ( optional - I need you birthdate)
- Love, much love inside this box

Intuition Healing Emotional Fatigue