Black Tourmaline Bath Crystals

4-6 baths per bottle! Naturally Made on Full/New Moons!

These bath salt come from Hot Springs, Arkansas where the geothermal activity is renowned for strong healing properties in the water and salts and crystals.  Our bath salts are hand blended with our oils to order during the best phase of the planetary cycle for each individual type of bath salt.  Our bath salt recipes come from a formula that has been passed down for more than 30 years. Almost every indigenous tradition has ways of cleansing this unseen part of us that our modern western ways are just catching up with.  Sensitives, Empaths, Intuitives, Introverts, and HSPs, are often subject to picking up unwanted energies that can be disruptive to what the yogis call the ten bodies, or simply our psychospiritual being.  Bath Salts draw out the physical and unseen impurities and then replenish with a positive flow of pure energy. Black Tourmaline Bath Salt in imbued with the essence of Black Tourmaline Crystals giving the bather protection from destructive forces, seen and unseen.

Made in the Crystal Capital of the World in Arkansas, USA

Does not include crystal

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