Aventurine Bath Crystals

8oz of Aventurine Bath Salt Crystals.

4-6 baths per bottle!

All Natural. Made on Full/New Moons!

These bath salts have been hand-mined from natural hot springs in Arkansas. Not only are they derived from the natural salts caused by geothermal activity, they are gathered under full/new moons and saturated with handcrafted oils from a family formula that has been passed down for more than 30 years.

It is important to not only look after our physical bodies as sensitives, empaths, introverts, and HSPs, but also the parts of our body we cannot see- our spirit and soul. These salts are meant to draw out impurities, and then replace and replenish your spiritual body with whatever attributes of salt crystals you choose!

*Does not include crystal 

** Item not eligible for returns