Sacred Wild Divine

Higher Realms Moldavite Essence

Higher Realms is intended to promote vibrational awareness and welcome more positive vibrancy into an introverts, HSP's, or Empath's life. Moldavite is the primary stone used in this blend to raise energies if one is feeling drained or disconnected, and promote spiritual connection and alignment through moldavite's extraordinary energetic essence.

Moldavite is found in the Bohemian Plateau of the Czech Republic, it is known as a tektite, being that its origins stem from a meteorite in the region millions of years ago. It is known as a catalyst to promote spiritual awareness and growth- Awakening the intelligence of the heart, and allowing one to honor truth.

These infusions are Reiki charged, and then preserved with a hint of high quality vanilla vodka. It is then bottled in a glass dropper bottle with child safety cap.

Directions: Take one dropper full a day under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds while focusing on inner desire and intention, then swallow.