Avert Evil Eye Oil

1 Dram of Avert Eye Oil.

Made on New/Full Moons! All natural.

This oil has been handcrafted with a variety of natural plants, roots, spices and herbs from a family formula that has been passed down for more than 30 years. Items used in this recipe are handpicked and hand blended at just the right time in our planetary cycle for the proper potency and energy. Due to its high potency, only a very small amount needs to be used.

The herbs, roots, plants and spices used in each recipe contain attributes that align with the intention of the oil you choose. They have been blessed over and do not contain a carrier oil. The oil is derived 100% from the the natural elements used. They are very strong!

It is up to you to put your own personal Sensitive, Empath, HSP, introvert and divine energy into your desired result alongside the product. These are meant to enhance, intensify and spiritually aid you in achieving your desired outcome.

This oil works great to-
-Anoint ritual tools/ Altar
-Dress Candles
-Charge stones
-Wear on the body!
-Anoint spell papers, poppets or mojo bags!

** Item not eligible for returns