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Secrets of the Divine

Three Steps to Shut Down Anxiety and Worry

Three Steps to Shut Down Anxiety and Worry

As a sensitive we over think, we over feel and anxiety really hits home sometimes. It’s a tugging and sinking feeling in our stomachs and it’s extremely frustrating to deal with!

Worry and anxiety never gets a sensitive anywhere, though. 

If you have the superpower to feel people; as an empath, as an HSP or as an introvert, you also have the power to feel the universe and you are capable of manifesting great things for yourself. 

When you worry or fall into anxiety, your emotions spiral out of your hands and instead of manifesting good possibilities ( by feeling calm, in the moment and at peace), you’re risking manifesting all the negative possibilities that you’re worrying about. For example, if you're worried or anxious about your next pay check you're sending the universe a message. "I don't have enough money." The universe then in turn, manifests more of that worry because that's the vibration you're giving off.  You're coming from a place of stress versus a place of abundance. This is not mucho bueno for a super powerful manifester like an empath, HSP or introvert. 

(For more on manifesting, one of my favorite bloggers Kelsey Aida explains it further. Check her post here

So how to nip worry and anxiety in the bud if you're a sensitive? Let’s call in your divine superpowers and take these three steps: 

  1. Shut up. Seriously! Meditate and call in the divine you to silence your mind. I listen to self guided meditations like this one ( because my mind can be stubborn) and it helps a lot to just listen, relax and come back into high self purpose.  
  2. Heal your energy center that’s housing this worry and anxiety (solar plexus).
    1. Bring out the yellow crystals like citrine, tiger's eye and yellow jasper. 
    2. Add some sunflowers into your sacred space
    3. Have some chamomile tea or other healing teas
    4. Bring out the solar plexus healing oils 
  3. Call in your divine backup. Request help in quelling your anxiety and worry from your angels and spirit guides. Use this meditation to help you get started. 

Always remember, heal yourself, heal the world.

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