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Secrets of the Divine

The Heart of An Empath

The Heart of An Empath


Empaths are defined as highly developed intuitive beings with an overall spiritual connection to things like, the earth, animals, the plant world and emotions. What makes them different from HSPs is the psychic phenomena that goes on in their lives.


Science has recently confirmed an energetic exchange between a heart’s electromagnetic field when paired with another heart in close proximity. Scientists also revealed that the heart is a sensory organ with its own power, separate than that of the brain. Research has shown that energetic information is processed through the heart, first, and then it is put into words and terms in the brain. HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty wrote in the paper, The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People, “the heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions.”


From an empath’s and sensitive’s perspective, these studies can open so many doors to how an energy alchemist’s heart fits in to this world.

From what has been observed so far in the empath community, the following can be said on how an empath’s heart processes energy and the effects it can have:


Empath energy storage - the solar plexus, responsible for retaining energy, lies in your mid section. It makes all the sense in the world that if an empath absorbs energies throughout the day, the stomach may start to show signs of sickness. Always take care of what you eat. Eat a lot of yellow vegetables and fruits, like lemons and starfruit, to help you. Healthy Boundaries tea is also fantastic. Work a lot on balancing your solar plexus chakra.


Mind overload – If the heart processes energy, and an empath’s energy receptivity is heightened ( e.i you pick up more energy than your average person), then that means an empath’s brain needs to calculate and decode more stimuli than what is typical. If you’re prone to overthinking or your analyzing skills are off the charts, it’s a very common empath trait. Meditation helps to give your brain some down time from sifting through energetic information all day. Malas help you focus your intentions when meditating, try these if you’re new to the practice.


Alone time – Empaths need alone time. It gives the empath heart a break like meditation gives the empath mind a chance to catch its breath. When an empath is by themselves, the only energy they have to maneuver through is their own.

During your alone time, you can work through what energy has been stored in your body that is yours and that which is not, and you can start to cleanse yourself of whatever is not yours and not worry if you’re picking anything else up since no one else is in your surroundings. Establish a sacred space with one of these supporting items.



With the heart’s capacity to process energy and an empaths channels being wide open, it’s in the best interest of any highly sensitive person, healer or light worker to keep an eye on the energies absorbed and work to keep a healthy balance in the body.




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