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Post Eclipse Urgent Reminders

Post Eclipse Urgent Reminders

Greetings to all of you Gifted Souls! I hope you have been keeping your head above water during these quickly changing times!

The vibrations from the intensity of three back-to-back eclipses will still be sending shock waves of pure and sudden energy for a while. Some astrologers say the effects can last up to six months. Always remember, if something or someone is taken out of your life suddenly, leaving you stunned it was meant to be, and it will be replaced with someone or something that is more appropriate or challenging to your evolutionary

Although it may be comforting to look back to “the good old days” (last week, last month, last year) with an intense desire to return to them, they are over, and there is no going back. The sooner you accept that and wait with child-like anticipation for your next phase of development as the newest and best version of yourself to emerge, the
happier you will be and the more comfortable it will feel to attract better things for yourself.

In more news from the cosmos this week, Mercury stations to go direct on Sunday, so Saturday through Monday the 20th, that time period is likely to raise the frustration/irritation level regarding technology, communications, travel or commerce.  The worst days for me are
3 days before or 3 days after the actual retrograde status.

We should get our energy, initiation, drive, and sex drive back the end of August when Mars stations direct on the 26th. Don’t get too relieved yet, Venus’ turn to go retrograde is coming up in September. During her retrograde period, she will shake up relationships, often returning ex-lovers to us for a short time, but please see above, they are exes for a reason. I gave a fair warning with a post I wrote in January about her retrograde phase. Please click here to read the article.

If you have a marriage planned for September 9, 2018, until mid-January 2019. Unless of course, you are marrying your ex-spouse then you are in the clear. However, if you are marrying an ex, please reread my first paragraph. They are called exes for a reason, I can't stress that enough.

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Aug 25, 2018

It is nice to actually have a place to go that explains how astrology is a huge part in an impaths life. And love suggestions on how to balance and let go of different energies.
I believe I am an impath have always felt like I don’t belong here. Very addictive person, have been dealing with my husband of 34 years with lymphoma. Love all energy modalities yoga meditation. At times I feel I am on a good path then the door seems to close. I deal with chronic back pain which I believe is part of emotions and being an impart because has been going on 15 years, keep trying to find my way in this world.
Thank you for all your information, I am always searching. Namaste

Tami l northup

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