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New Moon in Capricorn January 2018

New Moon in Capricorn January 2018

Set intentions for the new moon tonight. If you are ready to get down to business, then this is just the new moon energy for you.


Your intentions should be about business and some of the more necessary Saturnian things. Use the new moon in Capricorn’s energy to really root those New Year’s resolutions and kick them into gear. Add resolutions involving time management, your public self or reputation, your career, a promotion, having a better reputation for getting things accomplished at work, or doing what it takes to start that new blog or side hustle that you have wanted to grow. Use this energy and sit back and watch your seeds grow. Of course, you need to put in the effort too, but planting seeds (intentions that are written in your New Moon journal) + real world effort = reaping what you sow.


Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn is the first new moon of 2018.It will be exact at 9:17 PM (EST) or 6:17 PM (PST). Oh Boy and oh how Saturn in Capricorn loves to be exact too. Duly noted it is one of many planets in Capricorn at this time. You know that heavy feeling you have had on your chest? That feeling that you want to or need to cry but no tears can come out? That feeling of impending doom? That just-been-kicked-in-the-gut-feeling? We can thank the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn all lined up to take their orders from Saturn in Capricorn. But don’t worry, there is relief in sight when Venus moves into Aquarius on the 18th and the sun is not far behind on the 20th at the end of the week.


Saturn, Kronos, Grand-father time, the Devil is the planet of discipline, judgment, master and mastery, due diligence, hard work, man-made laws, corporations, fathers, traditions, reputation, authority figures, careers, management. Think upheaval of all that and it multiplies as Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn. Perhaps you wish to improve your relationship with your father? Then your intentions can be written something like this: “I want a clear message on how to best improve my relationship with my father.” Or perhaps it’s your reputation that you wish to be favorable: “I want to easily find myself behaving in ways that enhance my reputation.”


Best of luck and yes, these are more than intentions, these are goals. Go ahead and put them in your journal to manifest your wishes.

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