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Manifesting Abundance as a Highly Sensitive Person

Manifesting Abundance as a Highly Sensitive Person


Do you believe in abundance? I’m not necessarily talking about money raining down from the sky (although, that’s perfectly acceptable in my book). Abundance can come in the form of financial, emotional or spiritual wealth. Far too often I see Empaths and Highly Sensitive People holding back on creating abundance even though you have a unique ability to access your deepest desires.


If you’ve ever wanted to call in more, but find that no matter how hard you try something’s just not clicking, blocks and self-sabotage are probably getting in your way. Below is a step-by-step process to access the secrets to abundance and calling in what you really want into your life.


Take Time to Tap in

Unlike extroverts, introverts have better results tapping into our inner power when we shut out external influences and spend time in quiet solitude.

  • Disconnect from technology and the outside world
  • Take time to think about what is it that you really want to experience more of in your life. Maybe it’s more money, but don’t forget that abundance can also come in the form of community, opportunities or love.
  • Then visualize what that would feel like for you if you finally achieved what it is you’re after. Is it a husband who makes you feel loved and supported? Or maybe it’s the security that would come from having extra money to support your lifestyle each month? Don’t worry so much about how this form of abundance will come to you, but instead be open to receiving whatever way it can manifest.
  • Remember that worry and fear are the lowest vibrations and to call in abundance you must remain in a state of calm clarity, solitude and space allows for this space


Prepare to Battle Your Former Self

When you are in a place of silence and have visualized your target, this will be the exact time when blocks and excuses begin to creep in. Pay attention.

  • Doubt that you can actually achieve these goals will begin to formulate in your mind. A war will begin between your higher self and your old mental beliefs and subconscious patterns that you’re not enough to attract or achieve what you want. You may begin to wonder if you even deserve abundance. Your mind will likely look for past evidence in your life that you are unworthy. The way through this is awareness. When you find yourself thinking these thoughts, start to decipher what is rooted in truth and what is rooted in fear. Fear wants to keep you safe and will often use self-sabotage as its tool.
  • As introverts, we often have preconceived notions that abundance is reserved for Type-A extroverts who are outgoing and externally driven. But that is simply an excuse and false belief. Introverts are exceptionally skilled at manifesting and calling in what they want. This is the time to focus on gratitude, kindness, and forgiveness as you battle your former self.
  • Give power to your higher self as it works through old mental beliefs that are trying to keep you small. Channel your inner warrior and fight your mind.


“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”
― Robin Sharma


Stay the Course

What you want is already on its way. When you go out to eat and put in your order at a restaurant do you spend the entire time worrying if it will arrive? No. The food will come and you trust that it will. You enjoy the evening conversing with your dinner guests instead of being plagued by doubt or worry. Putting an order into the universe works the same way. It may not happen on your timeline or in the way you imagine it, but abundance is yours. You just have to call it in and trust.


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