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Herbal Wisdom for Strengthening Personal Empowerment

Herbal Wisdom for Strengthening Personal Empowerment


As an empathic, intuitive person with great sensitivity I know how challenging it can be at the best of times to function around others, and thrive in our busy chaotic world.  My body has always been more sensitive to external stress and negative emotions.  So that is why I gravitated towards natural remedies and herbalism to begin with 17 years ago; I needed a gentler way to maintain my health and my sanity.  

Now as a practicing herbalist I have worked with many empathic, HSP clients whose health and sense of empowerment is compromised under daily energetic wear and tear.  In particular, when personal boundaries are poor they lack quiet strength and inner will, so cannot hold strong or bend well when faced with adversity.  I have seen how these types of sensitive people cope differently when their boundaries are crossed; they can either become very closed down (and depressed) and give in, or lash out in anger and try to manipulate another person or the situation. Then a rise in addictions and digestive issues also follows with both types of coping.   In fact I have found that sometimes the most introverted, sensitive clients are the most closed off and angry; when I work with them via herbal and vibrational medicine protocols there is a very different person underneath than the controlled rage that can have others walking on eggshells.

The area of the body that relates to this type of power in the energetic chakra system is the third chakra.  Third chakra empowerment can be seen as balancing the polarities of tough and soft.  I also explain it to clients as having “power with” versus “power over”, striking a balance between anger and passivity.  The third chakra is located in the solar plexus region.  In addition to correlating with the body’s physical site of digestion, it is the place where we “digest” our life experience, shifting through the good, bad, painful, joyful and traumatic events in our lives.  

One of the herbal plant allies that is excellent for helping find inner power balance and thus improving personal boundaries is Marshmallow.   The mantra for Marshmallow is:  I release insecurity and embrace my authentic power.  It’s Plant Spirit Medicine supports us to have authentic power, flexibility, healthy boundaries, will power, and freedom from addictions.

The Marshmallow plant thrives in marshy conditions, recognizable by its tall stems, large fuzzy leaves, and delicate white/pink flowers. Though the entire plant is medicinal due to its high mucilage content, the roots are the most potent in mucilage and also contain salicylic
acid, which helps relieve pain. Marshmallow Root soothes irritated tissue and inflammation; it is an important remedy for gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory issues, and weakened immunity.

Marshmallow balances extremes involving power and control. If Marshmallow intuitively resonates with you, it is time to take stock of your relationship to power. Whether you are misusing power and seeking to control that outside of yourself, or, relinquishing  and hiding your power by acquiescing to the needs of others, Marshmallow can help you bring your power back into balance. As a highly sensitive person it is important to evaluate your beliefs about power and success; , and whether you believe you are worthy of attaining them. Ultimately, Marshmallow’s psychospiritual plant medicine supports us to realize that true power comes from within, and when we stand in our authentic power we are free to live our soulful purpose.

Healing with Marshmallow

Marshmallow helps relax the diaphragm and thus connects us to our breath. Breathing calms our nervous system so we can connect to our highest purpose. Take a few deep breaths, expanding into your belly, your diaphragm, and your upper chest. Suspend your breath for a second or two, connect to your third chakra power, and exhale as you release any limiting or negative beliefs about power. You can also drink a cup of my Soul Chakra Tea which contains Marshmallow Root, and allow each sip to soothe your fears and insecurities.

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