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Secrets of the Divine

Full Moon Ritual for Sensitives

Full Moon Ritual for Sensitives

This lunation is carrying the signature of an eclipse. If you’re feeling as if you’ve been pinned down, there is a term for that. It’s called a Grand Cross and this situation has a tendency to amp up the energy. In fact, it has been known to blow in the winds of fate. Similar to what one might experience during an eclipse. A Grand Cross can often suggest a figure “crucified on the cross.”  Each one of us should be taking responsibility for our fate and be ready to clear out any karmic baggage we may have created.


Ritual Time


As I said earlier, this lunation is very eclipse-like and there can’t really be an eclipse without a ritual, can there be?  Below are my generic instructions on how to create sacred space, how to preform your ritual and what to do, so invite friends, loved ones, or your tribe over and do the following:


Ritual is a way to connect to the unseen energies of the universe. It’s a chance to petition the gods/goddesses or deities to help us in our journey.

  • If called to do so, pour salt around you as a protective measure, or to announce that this is the space you will be using. Light incense or a candle. My favorite incense is copal of Dragon’s Blood but whatever you have is fine.


  • Drink some tea/Kombucha/coffee for a little clarity. Start writing; all of your grievances, regrets, things to forgive and the things you want to be forgiven for. Let it out of you until you have emptied your vessel of all of these lowly feelings. Release, release, release. Stop carrying it around.


  • Now, make a sigil of what you want. Do you want more healing, transformation or self love?  Do you want to find your forever mate?  Do you want to belong to a tribe of like minded souls? Write it into a mantra.  Make it simple of elaborate, it doesn’t matter. You could state “it is my will that_______” or “I declare__________”


  • If you have your astro chart look for where you have 9 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio and look to see where they fall in your houses. Use this as part of your mantra, or intention setting. Use this to help you get clear of what the universe is asking you to give up and what you need to bring in.


  • Get centered and meditate. Remember to give thanks to all that you have and all that you appreciate. Get aligned with whichever deity you are willing to call upon. Write whatever you want to let go of, ask your diety for assistance and then light up the paper. Watch those things burn and vanish. When you are ready, get up without speaking.  Nod in thanks & gratitude to all of the corners.


  • Go take a cleansing bath or shower and remember not to “lust for results”. It’s been asked and expect it to come to you. During your ritual bath or shower, imagine all of the grievances and resentments going down the drain with the bath water.


 IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER ABOUT ECLIPSES. DO THE WORK!  DO THE CLEARING.  Please start it out with what changes you want to make, declare your intent for change and growth.  None of us want to be stuck in the same cycle we have been.  Let’s start this new period with new people who are willing to grow and think more of our fellow humanity.

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