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Full Moon and Navigating The Stars 3/30/18

Full Moon and Navigating The Stars 3/30/18

Tomorrow March 31, 2018, is the last blue moon until October of 2020. Since we are in Aries season (the sun in Aries), and the full moon is always opposite the sun, tomorrow’s full moon will be in Libra. The axis of the Aries/Libra point is the delicate balance between the singular person and the other. Aries is all about me, I, my, mine and can sometimes be clueless to the needs of other people, whereas Libra is all about the other; people pleasing, making others happy, feeling in balance with others at work and at home. Traditionally, the full moon is a time of release and purge, or at least it is about reaping what you have sown at the new moon. You should be cautious at this time if you’re prone to bad tempers. Emotions are running high here. The reason for this potential outburst is that the moon is square Mars. This aspect has been known to bring simmering anger front and center. If you are mouthy like me, please hide. Otherwise you will be the one feeling silly in the next few days thanks to any uncanny remarks. Please use caution as not to get hurt or hurt others. The moon is just one of many adding some spin to your life. The other planets are up to a variety of things as of late too.


Libra is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus and Venus rolls into her comfy, cozy, home of Taurus late this evening. Venus feels happy here in Taurus as she can fully express her earthly beauty being surrounded by her things she holds so dear. Venus rules beauty, money and women and while Venus is in Taurus you may start to be preoccupied with survival or keeping yourself happy.


This harmony loving moon is also square Saturn, known as the devil in tarot. Ruler of the patriarchy, seniors, senators, fathers and is also known as Grandfather time. He tends to put the kibosh on things like merriment, initiating, and drive. In fact, it might feel like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, but the parking break is on and you just can’t get the momentum to get there.

 On a final note, Chiron the wounded healer is in the final and critical degree of Pisces. At 29 degrees, this signals the end of an era, finality, returning to be with source, and putting things to rest. You’re likely to put old hurts and wounds to bed. Before things close, know that our feelings are like little messengers. They are only there to remind us to take a look at something so we can heal. If you feel you’re bringing up old karmic wounds, do yourself a favor and don’t deny, ignore, push away, or distract yourself from these feelings. Do not numb them with food, cigarettes, alcohol or work. Give yourself full permission to feel the entire range of these emotions and seek support from your circle. Sob into the arms of a friend, lover, spouse, or the creator of all that is and all that ever was because now is the time to heal before Chiron moves into 0 degrees Aries.

 Empath, HSP, Introvert, Lightwkrker Self-care

On this full moon let your ritual be self-care. 

  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • Be extra kind and loving.
  • Be a friend to yourself and those in your tribe.
  • Don’t take things personally

And remember that everyone, even your most hated enemy or loving friend is fighting their own battle, so be the bigger person. Give the shirt off your back, and be the healing for the collective.

The light in me sees and honors the light in you.

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Apr 01, 2018

Iwant to thank you for all you do and give. I am just learning to use my gifts in ways of greater impact, always knew i had something different about me, now i have 3 spiritually talented children as well. I have to learn all i can so i can guide them as far as my path goes as their teacher, no one else will consider their welbeing like their mother, heyoka empath, naturopath and healer ☺️ Its always a bit like being a kid taking training wheels off for the first time when i sit back and think about the gifts we have been blessed with and the responsibility on an immeasurable scale !!! I never tire of the giddy feeling or the goosebumps when i feel the surge of energy ! Again, thank you for your contribution to the love and light that surrounds , may it brighten the days of morenthan we can ever imagine😁

Amber Moonrising

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