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Four Reasons You Have Mercury Retrograde All Wrong

Four Reasons You Have Mercury Retrograde All Wrong

It has become very popular to lament about Mercury in Retrograde, and I hear all kinds of people blaming, or avoiding responsibility. Mercury rules how we think and communicate, commerce, communication, transportation, and travel, he also rules gadgets as in your laptop or cell phone. He has been called the trickster god so it’s not surprising so many have been fooled into fearing his retrograde motion.


Sure, there are communication breakdowns, arguments, gadgets going haywire, but the worst of Mercury’s antics don’t even play out during his official retrograde status. It’s when Mercury is in his shadow period, a little-known fact, that things really go wrong. But more on that later.


If it weren’t for those 3-4 weeks, three times a year, what else could force us to slow our roll and to retreat, reflect, revise, reedit, review, reignite, reevaluate, reconcile, reconstruct, reorganize, recap, relax, or rejoice.


This is the true spirit of a Mercury Retrograde, it’s a time to slow down and really deepen our consciousness. The word retrograde literally means going backward. Is that such a horrible thing? Something to be feared or dreaded?  I think not. In our fast-paced world of instant communication and instant gratification we need a reminder to slow down, but this regular cycle of the Cosmos could instead be seen as a thrice yearly self-care retreat. 


Think about the alternative; constant forward-motion and full speed ahead with no breaks and no respite. This wouldn’t be good for our emotional health or our mental outlook. Here are 3 things I bet you have completely wrong about Mercury Retrograde.


  1. Roughly 20% of the population are impervious to Mercury Retrograde. These souls are extremely witty, creative, and are outside of the box thinkers. Their thinking is not rational or linear which is the opposite of how Mercury expresses himself in our thinking. Mercury is the epitome of rational and linear. These 20% were born when Mercury was in retrograde, so they feel normal about three times a year for 3-4 weeks. The rest of the time they feel how you feel during a retrograde, which means it is their time to go forward while the remaining 80% is going backward. My family consists of 2/3 Mercury Retrograde babies and they are 2 of the most creative, outside of the box thinkers I know. Jeff Green the founder of Evolutionary Astrology has said Mercury Retrograde babies need their own school where everything is taught to them through music. When I mentioned this to my daughter she wanted to be enrolled in that school. Perhaps a Mercury retrograde baby will read this and start one. The takeaway from this is not everyone is affected in the same way. Perhaps you were born with Mercury in Retrograde but you don’t even know it?



  1. As I stated above, this isn’t a time to fear. You can even sign contracts and make big purchases during a Mercury Retrograde, but don’t do it impulsively instead do it consciously and move slowly, sifting through all of the details. Really use your awareness to ponder any big (or small) ticket items. Shop around for the best deal with a warranty if you are buying a major appliance or a car, really weigh your options and investigate what it is you are signing if it relates to contracts. Most of all remain conscious of your spending and purchasing habits. The single most important thing to plan is rest, relaxation, retreat and repose. Meditate more and for longer periods, do arts and crafts, take more naps, plan a major detox from technology with the whole family, go on a retreat, go to a spa, do some sessions in an infrared sauna, do yoga, go on a juice fast and detox other areas in your life that need it.  You will be better off because of it. And just think, you can do all of these self-care activities 3 times a year without feeling guilty or indulgent about it.


  1. If Venus in retrograde is the time to expect former lovers to come back into your life, a Mercury Retrograde sends old friends back into your life. So, don’t be surprised if you run into your childhood friend, college roommate, or even a friend you had a falling out with months prior.  Remain conscious of this phenomenon and be ready to make amends to anybody who you fell out of favor with if Mercury is bringing them back into your life.


  1. The time that can be most difficult is during Mercury’s shadow period which happens right before and right after the actual retrograde. Mercury shadow begins BEFORE Mercury retrograde starts when Mercury first comes to the position at which he will end his retrograde motion. Mercury shadow ends AFTER Mercury retrograde ends when Mercury returns to the position at which he started going retrograde. What this means is we are under the influence of Mercury, either in the shadow phase or actual retrograde for roughly 2 months.

For this upcoming Mercury episode which will be in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury will start his retrograde at 27 degrees of Scorpio and ends at 11 degrees of Scorpio. Mercury first arrives at 11 degrees of Scorpio October 11, 2019 and comes to 27 degrees of Scorpio after the retrograde on December 7, 2019. 

Fear not my friends, Not everyone feels Mercury shadow. This is essentially when the retrograde is first casting its rays, but this isn’t on everyone. There are a few instances where you’ll be impacted by Mercury shadow and only if any of the following are true for you:

  1. Your rising sign, sun sign or first house is ruled by the sign that Mercury is retrograding in, it’s quite probable you feel it. Other examples are…
  2. If you are Mercurial and if Mercury is prominent in your birth chart. Some examples are Sun conjunct Mercury, or Mercury conjunct your 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th
  3. If you have strong Virgo or Gemini energy in your chart.


If there is one take away from this article, I hope it was realizing the importance of rest and all of the other “re” words listed like:  retreat, reflect, revise, re-edit, review, reignite, reevaluate, reconcile, reconstruct, reorganize, recap, relax, or rejoice.


Consider writing these periods of respite on your calendar and take a mini-retreat at home, detox from technology, catch up on your sleep and don’t feel guilty about one iota. After all, you can always blame it on Mercury Retrograde.

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Feb 05, 2020

I like the way you worded this. It made me feel different from the articles I’ve been reading on retrograde. Its in my sign. And it has been affecting me since the 3rd. But your persepective is enlightening. I am hoping to take a random trip this weekend, but I am also trying to save money :/. We will see, but again. Thank you!


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