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Secrets of the Divine

Energy SOS on a Budget

Energy SOS on a Budget


As a Highly Sensitive/Empath/Introvert have you heard people recommend that you  clear your energetic field, or keep your etheric body clear from debris? Have you been told you need to scan and clear any hooks chords or attachments people have inadvertently cast into you?  You may have even been told you needed to go see a healer every week because only they can clear you. 

While a healer can certainly activate some space within you to help you through some hard times, they’re not your only option.  I have been teaching classes, seminars and leading groups for Sensitives and Empaths for a couple of years, and I teach them how to clear themselves when they’re at home or on a budget. When an empath clears and neutralizes their energy bodies it is easier for them to get in touch with their spiritual gifts as they are vibrating at a much higher level.  Once this happens they become an energetic match to the higher frequencies, making it difficult for the draining, psychic vampire, energy suckers to attach.


 These are just a sampling of what I teach and what I do myself to clean out any unwanted, uninvited energy from my energetic field.


  • Make a tea with Yarrowand put a cup in your bath water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. When you are finished, stay in the tub while you unplug the drain. Imagine all of the toxic debris and energy going down the drain leaving you and your energy field squeaky clean. This teais a yarrow haven and you can also it for your bath.


  • Take a bath in sea salt. If you don't have a tub, my favorite thing to do is make a sea salt scrub, or get yourself one from the shop. You can do it yourself too with one cup sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, baking soda, half cup of coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil or carrier oil of your choice + your favorite essential oil.


Sea Salt has been long thought to remove foreign energies from our etheric body as well as neutralize and release these energies. Again, witness the bath water draining from the tub and imagine your boss’, co-workers, creepy neighbor guy’s energy leaving you and releasing itself into the earth where it can be transmuted. Leave a bowl of sea salt on a desk or in each corner of your room, leave it for 24 hours, then take these bowls outside of your space, and dump them into the garbage stating “I release you, I release you.” If you just want to purchase an economical batch of sea salt that’s made especially for empaths, sensitives, healers and introverts, check this out. It’s absolutely fantastic.


  • Spray Energetic Boundaries Sprayon your body and in your environment. It is like smokeless sage but 100 times more potent. It is made with water that has been infused with the most protective stone on earth, black tourmaline + the smell is intoxicatingly wonderful. Purchase here


  • Burning Sage + Palo Santoin your environment, or around yourself cleanses, then brings positivity to your space. Try these sacred space boxesfor a great 360 degree clearing if you want to amp up your home ( everything for $60 is a steal)


  • Simple, daily visualization/Meditation is extremely effective: Imagine the Sun and see it shrinking to become a small star. Bring it into your heart center repeating, "only love is here. love is all there is and all I am." Sit in your room and imagine the sun’s rays coming through your roof, the roof opens and sun is bathing you and your home in bright and restorative light. Feel its warmth and feel it cleansing your space; only love gets in that space, pure white, warm, healing light. This is unconditional love and acceptance and it’s pouring into your space, removing anything unwelcome. Now, the star in your chest radiates out. It becomes a sphere of loving energy. You are seated in the center. The sphere gets bigger and goes below you and above you, as it is getting bigger and bigger, it covers you, then your room, then your house, then property, neighborhood town, state, country, and the world. You and anything or anyone in its path is cleansed & protected. Once it reaches as high as you'd like, open your eyes. You have just dispelled negative energy from yourself and home with divine help.


  • Water, Water, Water.this could be an empath’s best friend.  Not only do we need more water than most to keep our senses operating efficiently, we need to bathe, swim, dip our feet in, or shower in it daily.  It helps neutralize foreign energies that attach to us throughout our day. If bathing, take the opportunity to turn it into a self care moment by adding Magnesium Oil, a mineral we are lacking in and that helps to regulate many bodily processes.  Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency are frequent headaches/migraines, high blood pressure, muscle aches and cramps, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PMS symptoms. To Purchase Click Here


  • Move and sweat.Thirty minutes of exercise daily will not only give you a boost of your own energy the motion and the act of sweating neutralizes foreign energy. You don’t have to join a gym, train for a 5k, or become a triathlon. A brisk walk, or “walking with purpose” as my partner says, for just 30 minutes daily is plenty to drain your lymphatic system as well as your energy field.


  • Additional protection: place 4 pieces of black tourmalineand 4 pieces of selenitein each corner of your room. The black tourmaline absorbs and transforms any negative energy and the Selenite raises your vibration while transmuting and releasing negative energy.  I keep a wand of selenite by my front door, as it clears me from bringing any rouge energies inside.








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Apr 08, 2018

I just found your website. I love it!
I am an empath, and I am very interested in learning how to control all these emotions that flow through me.
Can you help me?


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