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Secrets of the Divine

Dating A Sensitive | Empath, HSP, Introvert

Dating A Sensitive | Empath, HSP, Introvert


Sensitives are a unique creature indeed, and some people who don't really understand our needs might be confused about how we roll. Below is a list of points to consider when dating one of us magical kind: 

  1. We’re mystical nature folk. Expect crystals and incenses everywhere if we move in together. Possibly cats too. 
  2. Expect adventure excursions to be 80 percent nature related. Think waterfalls, hidden tropical paradises, solitary mountaintops, tree houses, and stars gazing. 
  3. If we choose you, it’s not because you look “good” it’s because you “feel” good to us in a spiritual manner 
  4. We’re nurtures by nature. We’ll help build you because we care so deeply for others. Don’t take it for granted.
  5. Our boundaries are unique in that we don’t always want to hang out with your friends, in fact sometimes we don’t always even want to hang out with you. It’s not personal, we love our family and our partners very deeply, we just need our alone time 
  6. Don’t ever call us crazy or weird in a derogatory form. You won’t get far. We’ve heard it before and a lot of us have actually embraced our weird. Embrace it with us or keep walking. 
  7. We’ll tell you “I don’t like this person” and we don’t have a reason why. Trust us on it, we know people. 
  8. We know if you’re lying. We know feelings like the back of our hands and we know when you’re off beat, so just keep it real and communicate with us – truthfully.
  9. If you love us and we’re sick you’ll be concerned and you may want to throw us into the emergency room to get pumped with medicine, but the majority of us are healers, so understand, before we run to a medical office, we’ll fix our diets, we’ll stock up on ginger, garlic, turmeric and all natural medicines to help us get better BEFORE we start popping pills. 
  10. You may want to take us out to restaurants for dates, but since energy is stored in the solar plexus area,  the majority of us have sensitive stomachs because we absorb energy. Especially if we’re an Empath. If you’re planning a food date, think healthy. Possibly vegan or pescatarian-types of places. 

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