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Crystals for Confidence Building in Empaths and HSPs

Crystals for Confidence Building in Empaths and HSPs


One thing I’ve learned as an introvert and empath is that I have a tendency to try to protect myself from the world. It’s easy to give in to fear of opening myself up to share love - to give in to that fear that says I’m likely to get hurt or rejected. But a few years ago I realized I was tired of living this way. Back then I had a layer of armor several miles thick. There was NO way anyone was going to know how screwed up I felt inside. It took both disasters and miracles to show me that was no way to live. I began to let go of the steely grip I had on my “persona.” I started to share the darkness. I’d gone through and the things that had helped me get back out into the light. It was scary to share, but not as frightening as staying hidden and disconnected from the world.

Crystal Healing was one of the main tools I used to heal my heart and move through fear. I could choose a combination that fit precisely what I needed to release, what I wanted to gain, who I wanted to be, and how I wanted to feel.

This is what I love about Crystal Healing, that the combinations of various crystal properties can be matched so beautifully to the complexity of our needs. Now as a crystal jewelry designer, when someone comes to me looking for crystals for Heart Healing, there is more than one answer I can give them, depending on the specifics of their situation. We can choose crystals to help heal emotional wounds, crystals to ground negative thoughts, crystals to release emotional hooks, crystals to encourage self-love, etc. 

The same is true for building and sustaining confidence. Our reasons for lacking Confidence are varied, and the crystals we can use for support are equally adjustable.  Consider how a confidence issue could stem from each Chakra:

 One broad method for clearing confidence issues would be to cleanse and align each of your chakras, using meditation or full body healing. But many times we intuitively know where the issue lies. We know that as empaths we tend to take on the energy of others, and that makes it hard to make decisions that are best for US, not just for the other people around us. We also store other people’s energies, allowing them to leave their “hooks” in us and drain our energies, long after they’ve left our lives in a physical sense.

 For low-confidence stemming from energy confusion or energy drain, I always recommend sunstone and carnelian. Together these crystals heal the heart and sacral chakra, helping you to focus on your own truth and your personal passions, without relying on someone else to give you permission.

 If you tend to store negative thoughts about yourself, replaying the reasons why you can’t succeed, then it’s essential to find a way to release those limiting beliefs before taking steps towards a big, important goal. In this case, a grounding stone can be extremely valuable. Obsidian will clear negativity but may be too harsh for sensitive spirits, so something like smoky quartz or magnetic hematite provides a more gentle release of negativity and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

 The beauty of being an empath is that it means our souls are sensitive to vibration. While it can mean we’re more affected by energies that surround us, it also means we have a natural ability to connect to higher vibration too. Using Third Eye and Crown Chakra crystals, like Quartz, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli, can boost your connection to a higher power, bringing insight, intuition, and inner wisdom. The better we maintain that connection the more confidence we have in our unique creative abilities. And that is powerful indeed!

As a general guide, here are a few crystals for building and sustaining confidence. Which one of these speaks the most to you?

  • Carnelian, a beautiful fiery orange stone for the Sacral and Root

chakras, helps you stay energized and motivated as you work toward your goals.

  • Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone, helping to direct negative energy gently

through the Root chakra and out of the energy body. 

  • Rose Quartz is healing for the heart, encouraging self-love and appreciation. 
  • Sunstone also helps the Heart Chakra, enabling you to disconnect from other

people's opinions and focus on what's best for you.

  • Magnetic Hematite is another great Root Chakra stone, bringing a sense of

stability and forward motion. 

  • Blue Apatite helps bring motivation and manifestation of your goals. 
  • Citrine is fantastic for manifesting financial abundance. It is also great for

increasing energy and positive thinking.

  • Peridot encourages change, helping you to let go of what's holding you back and reach for higher vibrations. 
  • Lapis Lazuli increases your sense of connection with the Universe and higher power. It encourages the use of Intuition and Creativity. 
  • Clear Quartz brings clarity of purpose and aids in decision making. 

See how many different ways there are to improve Confidence through crystal healing?! And the beautiful thing is that these crystals stay with you for a lifetime. They are there whenever you need them.

These days I run an entire business at Lula May Design based on sharing how to overcome fear, relieve stress, find balance, and grow a life of abundance. And yet I still get scared.

I get scared to really promise I can help you. I get scared to share a new method I’m using to improve my life. Because what if you think I’m weird or overconfident or just not good enough? But in the end, it is always worth it to put on my crystals, step outside my comfort zone, and share myself with the world.

I just wanted to stop by today to encourage you that confidence is something you CAN gain, and it doesn’t mean having zero fear. As an empath, the fear probably won’t just go away once you start living your dream. But what DOES happen is that you begin to see the fear as your ally. It’s that slightly annoying teammate who always brings your attention to the significant issues you’ve been trying to ignore. It’s the guy who won’t let you settle for mediocre but keeps forcing you to jump off another ledge and trust the Universe to catch you.

So if you’re over there in your world trying to create something awesome and thinking you shouldn’t be afraid, I just want you to know it’s ok to be terrified as long as you do it anyway. Face the fear. Ask Fear why it's there.

Find the crystals to support you. And then go out and be the awesome change-making, art-creating, inspiring human you were meant to be. In the end, self-confidence is about knowing that, when fear crops up, you have tools you can use to work through it.

That knowledge leads to Powerful, Unstoppable Confidence!

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