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Secrets of the Divine

Crystals for a Collect Call to Your Guides

Crystals for a Collect Call to Your Guides


       At a very young age, it came to my understanding that I was different than everyone else. I saw things and felt things no one could fathom; not even myself. I would see colors around people and some animals and understand their emotions and what they were feeling without ever have gone through any trauma or heartbreak. At a very young age, I understood loss without ever losing anyone and I understood intense worry by age 5. IT WAS WILD; but also, confusing and difficult to explain to friends and family. No one took me seriously and I figured that if I wanted to fit in and not be sent to a doctor every week, I should just keep these things to myself. #empathlife

It wasn’t until I was 25-years-old that I went to a group reiki session and became lost in a sea of emotions that were not my own. In this session I was able to see the room without opening my eyes which was very overwhelming. However, when I finally gave into the experience and allowed myself to be receptive to everything around me, it was like a lightning bolt hit every inch of my body and then I was free. All worry, distress and anger were stripped from me and I was one with everything and everyone in the room. IT WAS EXHILERATING! After the session I sat with the reiki master and she explained what an empath was and believed me to be one. And so, the flood gates opened.

Hours upon hours of research on the subject and all that go along with it, I was then introduced to the healing powers of crystals along with the art of tarot, oracle card reading and pendulum practice. I was and continue to be engrossed in connecting and establishing a deep bond with my spirit guides, angels, saints and Ganesha. I also became quite the crystal enthusiast and use them everyday in my readings. All crystals have unique metaphysical healing properties that assist us for a number of reasons. However, my main focus, in my practice, is in connecting with the Divine and enhancing psychic connections. Here are five that I believe are beneficial, powerful and just beautiful during divinations and readings.


  1. Angelite (Blue Anhydrite)

Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it is one of the strongest stones with the highest angelic vibrations. Angelite is excellent for people with anxiety or depression for it is meant to ease your mind and emotions while giving you a sense of peace and tranquility. Psychic and spiritual blocks are frustrating for any reader/caster, especially when you are feeling a bit lost or confused and need the guidance of your spiritual tribe. I’m personally infatuated with this crystal because it gets rid of any blocks keeping you from connecting to the Divine and opens up your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, thus enhancing your intuition.


  1. Larimar

This meditation stone is jampacked with strong feminine energy and allows you to connect with the Divine Feminine. Clear and abundant flow of communication with this stone due to the increase of clairvoyance and intuition. This stone is known as the “Ascension Stone” due to its assistance in shedding all the pain, fear, anger, frustration, guilt and heartbreak that blocks you and no longer serves you in order to reach higher levels of spirituality. This stone is a powerhouse and strips you from your ego, which inhibits you from connecting to your spiritual tribe and the Divine.


  1. Selenite

I cannot stress the importance of Selenite in connecting to the spiritual realm and the Divine! This magnificent clear crystal harnesses the energy stored within the Third Eye Crown Chakra and activates them bringing forth stronger visions, intuition and connections with the both the physical and metaphysical world. Selenite cleanses your chakras and removes blockages from your body, mind and soul.


  1. Black Tourmaline

Connecting with the spiritual realm and reading/casting can be risky business. One must understand and properly open and close the channel of communications. There are also crystals that are meant to help protect your essence and ward off any unwanted energy from you and your sacred space, and who ever you may be reading/casting for (if you are reading for the public). Black Tourmaline is a prevailing stone to protect you from negative, unwanted energy whilst purifying your own energy. It absorbs the negative energies that may cause physical and emotional stress to the body and soul. I always have Black Tourmaline with me at all times and has served me well during harsh situations.


  1. Unakite

This Jasper relative is used to remove any blockages that keep you from your self-actualization. This stone heals any ailments caused by repressed emotions, resentment and rage. Unakite is an excellent crystal and raises your vibrations to rid you from all negative energy that keep you from connecting with your spiritual tribe and the Divine. Live harmoniously and clear your mind to bring on a powerful flow of communication with the metaphysical realm.


Crystals are a beautiful and powerful way to help you connect to the spiritual realm, nature and, most importantly, yourself. Just know, you can buy all the crystals, sound bowls, chimes and sage in the world, but if you are not grounded and mentally or emotionally sound, then you won’t get the connections and answers you seek. For grounding assistance and a quick morning routine check this post out. We, sensitives, are a strong and powerful force. We are charged with positive energy, love and abundance. Protect your essence and allow yourself to connect with the world around you. I used to believe I was a damaged, like I’m sure many of you have too. Younger me was wrong to keep quiet about the way I experienced the world. We have a beautiful gift that should be embraced. I only hope to empower you Empaths, HSPs, Healers and Introverts to embrace your true essence.


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