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Cosmos Calendar for 2019 | Dates to Plan For

Cosmos Calendar for 2019 | Dates to Plan For

Have you ever wished you could get emails from the Cosmos, perhaps a slight warning there could be stormy weather ahead?  Or do you find out too late the full moon will be a super moon or which planets went retrograde?  Mark the below dates and you will be able to plan ahead.


Perhaps, you can even organize a full moon potluck.  Did you know the first three full moons of 2019 will be supermoons? A supermoon is when the moon is closer to the earth so we are affected more and the moon is bigger and brighter from our vantage point. What is more unique is that each moon falls at 0 degrees of their respective signs. This means that new beginnings are in store for us for 2019. That is cause for a celebration if I have ever heard one.  Not to mention, the full moon is a great time to do group ritual work. So, map out a full moon ritual and invite your other lunaphyte friends over to ritualize 2019.


January 2019

5th- Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

This eclipse will be over East Asia


13th-  Jupiter square Neptune- this is our first of three squares between these planets. When planets are 90 degrees apart they are squared and they can wreak havoc on each other and us. Jupiter makes everything bigger, brighter, better and more.  Neptune can bring about confusion or denial. This could really cause the collective to be in denial about a lot of things.


21st- Total lunar eclipse and supermoon in Leo. This will be visible in Europe, Asia and both North and South America.


22nd- This is a day filled with great energy.  A great day to elope, or devote to your sweetheart, yourself or close friends. Love is in the air!


February 2019

13th-  This could prove to be an unpredictable and explosive day.  Keep a low profile as Mars and Uranus are conjunct in the final degrees of Aries.


19th- Supermoon #2 in Virgo


March 2019

 7th - This has been a transit many astrologers have written about. A time we have been waiting for as the planet of revolution, Uranus, enters the sign of money and personal wealth Taurus.  This jumpstarts a period of financial revolution that is set to last until 2025-2026. The last time Uranus was in this house we experienced the great depression.  Do not fret, however, we astrologist are pretty sure this means we are getting a new currency. It will be a revolution in currency as we replace our old monetary system with new ones. In order to birth a new epoch, all of the old structures must fall, in order to be replaced by newer, more modern or more Aquarian-Age-Friendly systems.


 20th - Supermoon in Libra


June 16- The second square between Jupiter and Neptune causing the collective to be confused and/or in denial.


July 2nd- Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer.  This eclipse shadow will cover South America


September 21st- The last Jupiter/Neptune square


November 2019


11th- Mercury will transit across the sun.  The last time Mercury crossed in front of the sun was in 2016, and the next time?  It won’t be until 2039.  This helps to put things into perspective and serves as a reminder that even a small planet can have tremendous power over something much larger, grander and brighter. This is being dubbed, “The Transit of Mercury.”


24th- Another beautiful day! This is the second time that Jupiter, the planet of expansion will be conjunct (at the same degree as), the planet of beauty, love, and money- Venus.


December 2019


2nd-  Jupiter enters Capricorn. He leaves his comfortable, buoyant and exuberant home of Sagittarius and reluctantly heads into the controlled and cautious zone of Capricorn, Saturn’s realm. This is a difficult transition for Jupiter


15th -  Jupiter the planet of expansion will trine (be within 120 degrees a very favorable aspect) Uranus, the planet of “who saw that coming?”, the planet of shock, wonder, and awe could be brewing up some astonishment.


2019 also brings Mercury Retrograde (Rx), the only personal planet to go Rx in 2019. Mercury will head backward in the sky three times all in water signs.  I will write more about them as they approach.  It is time to take the fear and dread out of Mercury Rx. It is a time of retreat, redo, replenishment, review, reassess. It’s a time to slow and retract or reorganize some of our communications and really relax into a magical time of growth.

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