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Secrets of the Divine

A Sensitives Ultimate Guide to Healing through Plant Medicine

A Sensitives Ultimate Guide to Healing through Plant Medicine

As sensitives, we have a different detoxification process and traditional medicine just doesn’t do us justice - traditional “medicine” that’s often prescribed to cure stress, depression, sadness, overwhelm could actually hurt our bodies. However, there is a better way to heal our bodies and nurture our intuition at the same time.

I challenge you to ask yourself this, what is medicine to my body? What is most healing for me? Am I allowing myself to feel my full spectrum of emotional response to life or am I suppressing my intuitions and gifts with pharmaceuticals? Often sensitives are told by traditional doctors that if they feel “depressed” or have a “lack of focus” they have some sort of condition leading the patient to be prescribed harsh toxic medicines like anti-depressants and anxiety medications. The truth here, however, is not that you’re sick or you have a condition but what you’re feeling is something within you needs to be healed-some part of you is asking to be paid attention to. Popping a pill is the easy way out but when you holistically commit to pinpointing the internal misalignment you become more aware of your power. Addressing misalignments and emotions is an ongoing and never-ending process because our old souls have encountered much conditioning, but knowing how and what you can do to heal the body mind and soul through holistic detoxification methods makes the experience much smoother.

Whole food, Plants, fasting, hydration, herbs and, meditation are medicine to the divine being- not a capsule full of chemicals. By acknowledging the truth that all of life and its aspects are connected it becomes easier to set up a holistic and aligned life. Your body is a functioning vessel and masterpiece and when you come to terms to this truth it becomes easier to manifest a life that best serves your needs. There’s no doubt that plant allies exist in the world and can be used to improve the quality of life and heal the body mind and soul. Below are some tips and pointers as well as product recommendations for centering yourself and grounding into your heightened vibrational life experience.

Natural foods serve the body well. If you want to be a pure organic being, commit to eating only pure and organic foods - Your genetic makeup and all of your body’s responses, both physical and emotional, depend on it. Break your night long fast in the morning with raw fruits or fruit juice then continue to make conscious decisions about what you feed your body throughout the day and focus on eating healing, alkaline foods. And always drink lots of water it helps to flush the body of energetic and physical toxins.

I encourage you to also experiment with oils and tinctures. Some of my favorite oils to apply topically or to diffuse in the morning include:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus

Below are some links to tinctures that are targeted to help heal and are available on These tinctures are focused on chakras and help to create a streamlined dose of herbs and plants to the body to provide healing benefits to the mind body and soul.


The Lover

  • Joy, Emotional Courage, Love, Forgiveness
  • Ingredients: Hawthorn essence, Borage essence, Fireweed flower essence, Salal flower essence, Ruby gem elixir, Rose Quartz gem elixir, Kunzite gem elixir, Aquamarine gem elixir

The Sage

  • Wisdom, Imagination, Intuition, Psychic Perception
  • Ingredients: Yarrow essence, Viburnum flower essence, Fairy Bell flower essence, Ox-Eye Daisy flower essence, Azurite gem elixir, Fluorite gem elixir

You can find these and a lot more healing tinctures here.

I also encourage you to become more aware of what your mind is consuming first thing in the morning- naturally, we want to reach for our phones, but make attempts to break this habit:

  • Reject media of all forms until at least an hour after you have risen
  • Dedicate mornings to self-reflection, intention and, gratitude for the day ahead
  • Make to-do lists, plan, and actively visualize what you wish to accomplish.

Dedicate 5-30 minutes every day to meditation and allow the mind to rest. It doesn't matter what time you decide to do it but make time for the mind to be at ease. Meditation improves productivity so speed up by slowing down.

Unwind from the day with tea and a bath at night- Slow down, move into self-reflection and journaling and comprehensively asses the states of your body mind and soul. It’s always good to have teas for every need on hand. The good thing about tea is it combines so many healing herbs into one easy process - you can unwind and heal at the same time. Looking for and finding the best blends can often be the challenge so here are some blends from that are intentioned and blended by sisters who have decided to use their gifts to help heal others. Each tea has a blend of powerfully healing herbs targeted to help the body mind and soul.

Overwhelm/ feeling down

  • lemon balm
  • oatstraw
  • rosemary
  • Lavender



Feel no fear tea

  • Lemon balm Leaves
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Peppermint Leaves
  • Passion Flower
  • Hops Oat Straw
  • Chamomile Flowers


  • skullcap
  • oatstraw
  • vervain
  • lavender


  • mugwort
  • motherwort
  • rose

Healthy Boundaries

  • yarrow
  • skullcap
  • agrimony
  • rose

Baths also help with winding down and increase the quality of sleep you get- When you establish a nighttime routine the body and mind know when it’s time to rest. Put devices away and move into focused and intentioned alone time close out the rest of the world and be rejuvenated. Experiment and utilize aromatherapy.

The aura cleanse bubble bath and shower gel can be used to remove unwanted lingering energies to be cleared and cleansed from your field which helps you to settle into yourself again. You can find this natural gel here.  

Another really good bath time ritual bathing with bath crystals which helps to neutralize your energy cleanse out any toxins and low vibrational energies and bring you back into balance once again. The black tourmaline crystals can be found here.

Be restored. Take time to return back to yourself again.

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