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A Beginner's Guide to Seeing Auras

A Beginner's Guide to Seeing Auras


    This is a follow up to my previous article, “How to See the Quantum Energy Field.”  That post was strictly focused on the energy out in the environment, the radio waves or the fuzzy patterns of energy. I bet you found that when you accomplished that exercise and indeed saw this energy, you were most likely reminded of how you saw the world when you were a child.


   In this piece, I will go through how to see another form of energy. Our aura. It is merely another layer of energy that surrounds us.


Just like we did previously to see the quantum energy field, we are going to look slightly beyond our focal point and stare as if we were daydreaming or entirely spacing out. We will keep our gaze soft and look somewhat beyond the person.  When starting out, it’s best to have your subject standing in front of a white wall.


    If you are good at staring off into space, maybe when you are tired, or bored, or just plain daydreaming you will be great at this!  Below are the directions to see this energy.


1). To start, list 15-20 things you are grateful for.  This helps to raise your vibration and get you into an appreciative and receptive state


2). Do some long, deep and slow meditative breathes.  Breathe in for 5 counts, hold for three counts, and breathe out for 5 counts. Take your time, it is through our breathe that we oxygenate our cells, send signals to our nervous system to relax, and open the portals that help us to experience this energy viewing.  Repeat this pattern of breathing at least 5 times.


3). Feel your body relax. Go from your head into your heart space. Just close your eyes, visualize the doors to your heart, push them open and cross the threshold….bring all of your awareness to your heart center and listen for the sound of your heartbeat.


4).  Now ask your subject (a friend, or family member) to stand or sit in front of a white wall.  Make sure the lighting isn’t too bright or too dark.


5). Don’t strain your eyes or stare intently; just soften the gaze as if you are spacing out. When we have a soft gaze we allow things to come to us.


6). What you are looking for is an energy that radiates off of your subject. It is often 3-5 inches above their head. Then once you are comfortable noticing the energy that radiates, with a soft gaze and spacing-out-to-see approach, look for a color. Chances are it will be very faint. The first color you see is the correct one. Often they are yellow, blue, green, violet or indigo.


7). Once you are good at seeing the colors of an aura, remember it will be faint and subtle, get your hands on a copy of Pam Oslie’s, Life Colors. She is the world’s expert in auras and it’s fascinating how each of us has our own personalities or traits that are associated with our aura colors.


Nov 18, 2018

Hey so I’m new at being an Empath I was wondering if you could help me out a little bit please and thanks

Sep 03, 2018

Can you channel healing to others out of your area and if so how can we contact you.

Nancy Mcdarment

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