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Secrets of the Divine

5 Tips for the Closed-off Empath, Introvert and HSP | Access Magic

5 Tips for the Closed-off Empath, Introvert and HSP | Access Magic

As highly sensitives we have access to another realm of functionality; we can address life and the energies around us more comprehensively. When some of these energies are negative, especially in childhood, this capability to feel can be overwhelming and may have caused a lot of us to shut-down and close ourselves off to the gifts we have been given.

HSP’s introverts and empaths are among the most capable and intuitive humans, and by embracing these divine gifts we can positively influence not only our own life experiences but that of the ones of those around us, but not if our bodies and psyches have shut this magic off in order to protect us in some way.

If you’d like to access your full magic and align yourself with the full range of capabilities you’ve been granted, you must first know who you are as an energetic being ( this will help you discern what your energy is and what is not.) Let’s start:

• The first step to knowing yourself is discovering where your energy thrives. You must distinguish what environments you thrive in first to then realize where and what makes you feel the opposite of that/uncomfortable. ( For example, I am my best self when I am by the ocean. Here I sit and meditate and feel what it’s like to just be within myself and my own aura field) For other people, this means painting, drawing, journaling, or exercising. Make a list of 5 things/experiences you have done in the past that make you feel good. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you need time for yourself. When I start to feel guilty, I say to myself “I love you, but I love me more.” Make time for the things that make way for your best happiest self and go do them.

• As a spiritual human you need to understand you are a feeler and sometimes this can be a lot, to say the least - it’s essential to know and realize that you have been granted a gift; you are divine. With this truth also comes the responsibility to separate your physical body from your divine essence. You can do this by practicing the first step over and over, calling to your higher self during these good times and asking your higher self to give you some words and guidance. Journal right after you have spent time with that one-ness energy so you can go back to your intuitive messages when you need them. Be assured you aren’t meant to internalize the hurt of the world you are meant to filter it. You are here to heal.

• Get curious and start dismantling the life conditioning. Be curious about your conditioning – meaning the habits and lessons your parents and society has taught you that might not be in alignment with who you are today. If you’re spending time with your higher self in places that help you thrive, when you’re in other circumstances you’re going to notice the difference. Get curious as to why you’re uncomfortable, what is going on in your body and in your mind? (Example, I would attract emotionally unavailable men - they made me feel drama and intensity that was unlike the peace and tranquility I felt when I was by myself, so I started to question why I was attracting these types if they didn’t bring me peace. Then I went and got help to heal my blueprint and eventually moved towards partnerships that were positive and felt more like me). Write down whatever comes up or record what you’re experiencing through voice notes on your phone. Some sensitives prefer to write, others like to talk it out. You have tools available to help you make sense of things that feel out of line.

• Start every morning with a fresh grateful mind. Your physical body, which is made up of your mind, can come up with all the things that feed anxiety and stress, but your divine essence knows only love and power. One way to activate your divine nature is by exercising thanks.

• Ground. As divine beings, you must remember your purpose and mission and to do so, you must stay grounded in this truth. As I mentioned, you’re a feeler. It doesn’t make sense to be closed-off. You are a people’s person. You know people like the back of your hand.

Little by little, by enacting these steps you’ll begin to unlock the magic within you. Acknowledge and nurture your truth and remember you have been chosen for a particular purpose here on earth. Remember superiority in spirituality does not exist-share your gift. The steps mentioned in this article breed self-love and the more you recognize who you are at the very core, the more you’ll realize how much a community (of your people who feel like you ) is necessary, and you’ll be more open, joyful and welcoming to others.

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