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15-Min Morning Routine to Spark Magic in Your Day

15-Min Morning Routine to Spark Magic in Your Day


Our lives are made up of habits. Good habits are those that allow us to reach our goals and bad habits are those that deter us from our purpose. In our journey as healers, Empaths, introverts and HSPs, we have certain needs that others may not. Our days are better off when we’re connected to peace and nature; and when we’re in line with our intuition and divine self. What habits can we adopt to jump start us into a day where we can control the energetic flow better?

These morning habits will ring you into February with some sparkly magic and pizzazz.

 From the second you wake up…

 Do not reach for your phone other than to turn off the alarm– 0 Min

Continue to keep away from all electronic devices for an hour, this is extremely helpful especially to some HSPs who aren’t too keen on EMF. Your intuition is a powerful voice that is heard through silence and presence. As an Empath, HSP and introvert you have an amazing capability to tap into that knowing; give it a chance to shine by not distracting yourself with outside devices for a bit. This habit will allow you to get more in tune with yourself.

Go make some tea and let it steep – 5 min

Tea has some powerful health benefits and certain herbs have their fair share of metaphysical properties. That alone, can jump start your day, but there’s also a hidden art to drinking tea. That art is found in drinking the tea itself. You are quite literally drinking nature and the energy that comes with it. Enjoy your tea time in the morning, find the herbs that best suit your purpose, and lean into nature’s peaceful pace.


While your tea is steeping, get into child’s pose and stick your forehead (third eye) to the ground. – 5 Min

This adopted form of yoga’s child’s pose allows you to connect to earth’s frequencies. Aside from having the child pose’s comforting benefits, you’re also giving your sensitive superpowers an earthly boost to stabilize your energy throughout the day. Picture roots extending from your body down to the earth for a few minutes and lay there in silence. ( Quick tip: smile while you’re here.) 


Visualize/Journal about your dream life (good time to drink that tea) – 5 minutes

In the book Psycho Cybernetics, Dr Maxwell Maltz notes that "your subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real memory, and a vividly imagined visualization." Let’s start your day by vividly imagining yourself to vitality and success. By implanting positive thoughts into your subconscious through writing, your mind will start to believe you are the success you are dreaming of. As an Empath, HSP and introvert you have this amazing ability to tap into manifestation powers. You’re closely connected to the world that way. Put your powers to use through the law of attraction and connect your subconscious to a positive mindset that will help you in achieving what you have set out to do.




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