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13 Opportunities to Supercharge Your Wishes | New Moons of 2019

13 Opportunities to Supercharge Your Wishes | New Moons of 2019

Write your new moon wishes a few minutes after the new moon and never before.

Write no more than 10 wishes to concentrate the power


You can wish for whatever and whenever you want, but why not use the energy of the new moon’s sign?  For example, use the Capricorn new moon to manifest business growth. Use the new moon in Sag to manifest foreign travel, grad school, or optimism. Use the new moon in Pisces for increasing spiritual guidance, enhance meditation or increase creativity.


January 5   Capricorn New Moon. Partial Solar Eclipse

February 4 Aquarius New Moon

March 6     Pisces New Moon

April 5   Aries New Moon

May 4   Taurus New Moon

June 3   Gemini New Moon

July 2    Cancer New Moon. Full Solar Eclipse Visible in South America

July 30  Leo New Moon

August 30  Virgo New Moon

September 28  Libra New Moon

October 27  Scorpio New Moon

November 26  Sag New Moon

December 26  Capricorn New Moon. Annular Solar Eclipse

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Jan 02, 2019

Dear Kathleen, I feel a strong connection as I too am a very high sensitive person, a born healer who was suppressed abusively and just now beginning to reclaim who I am. Grandmother Moon is so-o healing. Do you have any Moon-healing techniques for “shielding” energies for a high sensitive that takes on other people’s energies?

Holli Fields

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